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November 06 2014

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Alice Lake, British Columbia, Canada
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November 05 2014

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November 01 2014

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Warming the cabin in the morning at Tets’ehxe (Drum Lake) in the Shúhtagot’ı̨nę Nę́nę́ (Mackenzie Mountains) of the Northwest Territories, Canada.

October 28 2014

October 21 2014

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October 19 2014

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Be nice to Frank.


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October 12 2014

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How babies are born in Canada. [via]

Hey! That’s not how they’re born, that’s just how we find them, in our maple syrup buckets. No one knows how the fuck they’re born.

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October 08 2014

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October 06 2014

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October 03 2014

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October 01 2014

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September 28 2014

September 20 2014

September 16 2014

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Canadian police on the job.

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September 15 2014

Summer's over in Canada.
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September 13 2014

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September 09 2014

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